VonHaus 100-inch Widescreen Projector Screen (Manual Pull Down) – Home Theater/Cinema or Presentation Platform – 16:9 Aspect Ratio Projection Screen – Suitable for HDTV/Sports/Movies/Presentations

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as of 06/26/2022 (Details)

The 100-inch VonHaus Projection Screen will provide the perfect platform to create your very own Home Theater Experience or Business Presentation Screenings. The projection screen is suitable for both Wall and Ceiling mounting requirements. The matte white screen offers a gain factor of 1.1 (Low light Reflection Rating) making this suitable for LED, LCD and DLP projectors. The high-quality self-locking screen is manually retractable and offers an aspect ratio of 16:9 for wide screen viewing. The black backing ensures that no light is lost and the projection is clear. A black border ensures increased contrast and improves the flatness of the fabric. Product Dimensions Overall end-to-end length 94 9/16" Center-to-center of mounting holes 93 7/8" Length of screen housing 93 3/8" Width of screen housing 2 1/2" Height of screen housing (including horizontal pull bar attached to screen) 3 1/4" Screen fabric width 90" Screen fabric height (fully extended) 52" Black border width around perimeter of screen 1 1/2"

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